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Social Media Guru


Monica Riley is an experienced social media guru who understands the power of digital marketing and how to use it to help customers achieve their business goals. She has extensive knowledge of the latest trends in social media and understands how to create effective campaigns that will help customers reach their target audience. Monica has worked with a variety of businesses, from small startups to large corporations, to help them develop and implement successful social media strategies. She is committed to helping her clients reach their marketing objectives and maximize their ROI.


Political Consultant


For many years, Monica's been assisting individuals in defining and fulfilling their campaign objectives. As a professional in my field, I work hard to develop smart marketing and effective strategies tailored to your goals and voter needs. From strategizing the best approach, to creating an engaging message for your campaign, my team will provide you with the tools you need to be effective. Our training covers topics such as developing a campaign plan and message, targeting the right voters, organizing volunteers and supporters, utilizing digital marketing, coordinating media campaigns, and more. 


Radio Personality


Monica Riley is an experienced radio personality who is a passionate and knowledgeable host. In addition to being the General Manager of 953JAMZ, she is well-known for her upbeat and engaging style, often providing listeners with a unique perspective on a variety of topics. Monica is an expert in the radio industry and has a strong following of loyal listeners.


Community Leader


Monica Riley is a passionate community outreach leader and speaker who is dedicated to empowering her audiences to reach their full potential. With a commitment and focus on creating positive and lasting change, she has become a leader in her field, delivering engaging talks and workshops to organizations around the world. Monica’s enthusiasm and drive to make a difference has earned her recognition from leading publications, and she continues to be an inspiring figure in the community outreach space.


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